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Online Retailer World of Books Sees Hundredfold Increase in Revenues

Ken Blair, World of Books

£100k to £12m in two years is not for the faint-hearted

Edinburgh, 15th July 2011 - Online Retailer World of Books has stormed to the top of the UK used books industry thanks in part to expert consultancy and support of their IT systems from Open Plus Ltd.

Selling used books online is by no means a straightforward business. With an inventory of 1 million books in stock, World of Books is Europe's largest out-of-print bookseller and has sold over 2 million books to date.

In 2010 alone the West Sussex business also recycled 26 million books.

The warehouse team scans around 100,000 used books per day, offering those accepted into stock on their online shop and fulfilling orders of 8000 units each day.

According to Ken Blair, Executive Chairman of World of Books, expert support from Open Plus Ltd has been a key part of the process.

“We are in a much better position now, thanks to the work that Open Plus have carried out on our behalf. On a monthly basis, we are already seeing some great savings coming through, but what's more important is that our business now has the ability to access markets that really we could not before. It was just impossible to do with the software that we had in place.”

With expert help from Open Plus, World of Books turned software problems around and revenues have seen positive results.

“This business was turning over less than £100,000 just two years ago. This year it will achieve a sales performance of just over 12 million. Open Plus have been very much part of that process.”

Reacting to the figures, Open Plus CEO Andrew Sykes commented that, "£100k to £12m in two years is not for the faint-hearted. It takes strong leadership throughout the business and a clear and coherent technical strategy. We at Open Plus are really proud to have provided the technical knowledge that has allowed World of Books' management to flourish unhindered."

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