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Open Plus fights downtime with a FREE service for all online retailers

If time is a valuable commodity when selling online, downtime is just costly

Minimising website downtime is an essential factor in the success of an e-commerce business. If time is a valuable commodity when selling online, downtime is just costly.

And while a certain amount of unplanned website downtime is inevitable for any online retailer, the first step in the process of correcting it is knowledge. This needs to be delivered fast, so that the situation can be righted as quickly as possible, and accurately, so that you know the extent and history of the problem.

As a leading retail systems integrator and software developer, Open Plus has a wealth of experience and knowledge of keeping e-commerce sites up and running.

We are all too aware that potential problems resulting from downtime include:

-Loss of revenue
-Deteriorating customer satisfaction
-Slippage in search engine rankings
-Loss of interest from investors

And we know that news of outages delivered quickly can make a significant financial difference to a business and is a vital first step in getting to the source of the problem.

Our free service promises immediate downtime alerts, as well as a subsequent alert when a site is up and live once again. The process of signing up takes just 5 minutes and doesn't commit you to any further services.

Don't stay in the dark. Sign up now to find out how your site is performing in real time:
Phone: 0800 610 1043

About Open Plus Ltd

Open Plus Ltd is an expert strategy, management and systems development company leveraging open-source applications, expert retail sector knowledge and cloud technologies.
With bases in Edinburgh, Harrogate, Oxford, London and Budapest, we have a strong track record in aiding high-growth, high-performance retailers selling over the internet and seeking to deploy or enhance their ecommerce and back office support systems including ERP, CRM and Warehouse Management.
Our expertise and consulting services span a broad spectrum of open-source products with proven ability to develop high-performance systems and architectures.
System solutions from Open Plus minimise both capital investment and on-going operating costs for retailers.
Open Plus is the organisation to contact if you are a high-growth retailer experiencing the growing pains of expanding e-commerce operations and increasing back-end systems complexity. Whether it's escalating costs, performance and stability issues, platform integration challenges or systems upgrade projects, at Open Plus we can help.
Recent customers include MedicAnimal Ltd, World of Books and United Utilities Plc.