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Optimax teams up with BBC presenter for new campaign

Monty Halls

This month, Optimax, the Laser Eye Surgery specialists, introduce their new TV campaign featuring TV presenter and marine biologist Monty Halls.

Well on the way to ‘national treasure’ status since presenting
‘Monty Hall’s Great Hebridean Escape’, screened on BBC2 earlier this year, Monty found time in his schedule for treatment at Optimax Bristol clinic in February.

The new 30 second commercial, which begins transmission this September, shows Monty in action, tracking and filming exotic sea creatures in some of the world’s diving hotspots, from South Africa and Australia to the Caribbean.

“Laser eye surgery has had a huge impact on my life. In my line of work, I can’t have my vision let me down. When you’re taking a once in a lifetime shot, you can’t have a lens slipping or falling out” he said.

“We are thrilled to have worked with Monty Halls on this project, and proud to have him as an ambassador” said Optimax founder Russell Ambrose.

His next series will take him to southern Ireland, monitoring dolphins and other marine life.

“Going into my next project with 20:20 vision will be a very novel experience.
To have crystal clear, perfect vision, and see animals in the detail they deserve, for me justifies having laser eye surgery done ten times over”

To view the commercial click here:

The new commercial broadcasts on Sky satellite channels from September 2.

About Optimax
Founded in 1991, Optimax is a [laser eye surgery| specialist with 24 clinics across the UK.

It is the only specialist UK laser eye surgery clinic chain, with expertise gained from more than 300,000 treatments. Its recent GBP £5m investment in the latest technology means that more people than ever are achieving 20:20 vision.
For further information, please contact:
James Seton, Marketing and Communications, Optimax
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