99% of consumers aware of HDTV but only 1 in 10 ready to buy

{{99% of consumers are aware of High Definition (HD) TV but only one in ten (11%) is looking to buy a High Definition television in 2009}}, according to figures announced by Buckingham Research today.

The online panel survey, conducted by market research agency Buckingham Research, asked a total of 695 respondents a series of questions regarding their awareness of and feelings towards HDTV and its associated products. 85% of those asked said that they were aware of it, while a further 14% said they were aware but did not understand it. Only 1% responded that they were unaware of the offering.

However, when asked which products consumers considered a priority purchase for 2009, only 11% highlighted HDTV as a probable buy.

Of those who are aware of HDTV:

- 53% do not have it and do not intend to take out a subscription
- 13% do have it and will keep their existing subscription
- 6% do not currently have it but intend to take out a subscription
- 1% will be cancelling their existing subscription
- 27% are unsure

The research also highlighted attitudes towards HDTV, including:

- 48% of respondents agreed that it made watching TV even more enjoyable
- 35% stated that it was not worth the money
- 45% said that there were not enough HD channels at the current time

Paul Nola, Managing Director at Buckingham Research, commented on the results: “HDTV has come to the fore over the last few years and awareness levels are now at their highest. The real challenge lies in getting consumers to trial the service, as a large proportion are converted once they have experienced it. However a combination of consumers’ tight budgets and a perceived lack of content is hampering its chances of crossing into the mainstream this year. Service providers and manufacturers need to focus on demonstrating the value offered by HDTV to its viewers if they are to capitalise on this potential market.”



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