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35% leap in UK business investors with £1mil budget in 2014

this will have a profound effect on the UK’s business landscape

Press Release

35% leap in UK business investors with £1mil budget in 2014, research reveals characteristics of Britain’s growing legion of mid-market investors, the UK’s leading business exchange website, recorded a 35.51% uplift in active searches for UK businesses valued at £1mil in the first quarter of this year. In response it surveyed those holding the purse strings to ascertain their financial models, preferred sectors and geographic location. The top line findings of the research go public today.

The surge in investors suggests increased confidence and established buying power in the economy’s robust and growing mid-market price bracket.

Rufus Bazley, Head of Marketing at says, “Such a positive leap could not be ignored and typically speaking within a twelve-month period the majority of investors will have proceeded to purchase, this will have a profound effect on the UK’s business landscape. This trend is in keeping with the revival of the High Street and the on-going appetite for serious business people to go it alone. What our research now indicates is the shape of those changes.”

The top line findings of the report are:

• Food and Drink, IT and Tech and Education are the top three sectors investors are interested in
• 17% of business buyers with a £1mil budget are buying their first business and still in employment
• 21% of business buyers are also planning to buy a business in a sector in which they have no previous experience
• 57.4% who are looking have found one or more businesses that match their criteria but have been unable to proceed to purchase owing to factors outside their control
• Cheshire tops the list for greatest growth in business listings for the price bracket
• Niche businesses feature highly in the listings

Full details are available in the full report which is available on request.


Contact Details

For more information contact Ruth Stone, Orchid PR on 01483 358710 / 07788 417109 or email

Full report or selected content from it are both still available on an exclusive basis if required. In addition individual survey respondents may be approached for interview to run as case studies alongside the report.

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*All data for Q1 2014 compared with Q1 2013 where growth metrics are quoted.