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Research1,2 clearly suggests that the Christmas holiday season is associated with a significant increase in cardiac deaths. Increased respiratory problems (colds and flu); excessive physical exertion (dancing, DIY or playing with the children); overeating; cold weather; lack of sleep; emotional stress; anger; excess salt; and alcohol intake are all potential triggers of acute myocardial infarction3,4,5 .

“Families should be aware of this "Merry Christmas Coronary” phenomenon, watching for signs and offering persistent and persuasive advice, particularly to Dad, to encourage more moderate behaviour,” said Dr. Mike Ingram, GP and men’s health specialist.

The inequality in life expectancy between men and women is growing wider and men are falling behind at a faster pace than ever. In 1940 women outlived men by 4.4 years – today the average is nearly seven6.

“The biggest killer of men is heart disease and too many men are dying from this...

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