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Brinsley McFarlane, McPhee Mixers MD

...respect for our environment, operator safety and productivity are at the heart of the designs for our mixer fleet.

...respect for our environment, operator safety and productivity are at the heart of the designs for our mixer fleet.

THE boss of Scotland’s McPhee Mixers has revealed details of his company’s new innovation-packed concrete mixer, which he believes is the “safest, most environmentally compliant mixer in Europe”.

Called the MCPhee MICS MIXER (the MICS an acronym for McPhee, Innovative, Compliant and Safe) the new vehicle is the result of extensive research, customer feedback and reaction to current environmental legislation and safety concerns.

Commenting at the Hillhead 2012 show where the company unveiled the new innovations, McPhee Mixers’ managing director Brinsley McFarlane said:
“We know what our customers need, demand and expect in the delivery of bespoke, customised vehicles.

“We’re focused on mixing innovation with quality in everything we produce. The McPhee mixer design team has reacted to current environmental legislation and real safety concerns within the concrete haulage industry to produce what we firmly believe is the safest, most environmentally compliant mixer in Europe.

"To achieve this we’ve introduced no less than five major innovations to ensure that respect for our environment, operator safety and productivity are at the heart of the designs for our mixer fleet.”

McPhee Mixers is a family-run business involved in the design and production of concrete mixers for almost 40 years. A team of 35 is based in Blantyre near Glasgow. Brinsley added: “We know mixers inside out and are committed to meticulous quality standards at every stage of production.”

The five new innovations are -

1 The McPhee Spill Stopper System – combines the need to ensure no road spill while in transit, with an effective, environmentally compliant chute wash down system.
Brinsley said: “We set ourselves the challenge of devising an innovative system, which allows wash- down anywhere and anytime. The customer will love this, as it means no wash down slurry issues for them to tackle.”

2 The McPhee Drum Flap
– increases the load capacity for higher slump concretes which will mean less deliveries and so a reduction of CO2 emissions.
Brinsley said: “A key design feature is that while not being used the new flap folds outwards to a horizontal position which maintains the batcher’s ability to visually inspect a load in the drum.”

3 The McPhee MAXI Manhole – allows quick opening, easy visual drum inspection and quick close.
Brinsley said: “This is a major advance for mixer operators. They no longer need to enter the drum – they can just look in. It’s user-friendly and driver safety is at the forefront of this innovation.”

4 The McPhee Kneel, Stay Safe – reduces risks linked to maintaining the mixer drive shaft. A permanently mounted rubber mat accessed via steps gives the driver a more stable position before attempting to grease the prop shaft.
Brinsley said: “The driver is less likely to fall or slip if adopting a kneeling position. This addition minimises the risk while maximising the driver’s stability on his vehicle.”

5 The McPhee Drum Spy
– a cab mounted device giving the driver direct and constant knowledge of drum movement and direction.
Brinsley said: “This delivers vital information that not only boosts driver awareness but allows the driver to keep eyes on the road – not on the drum. It is especially useful in restricted light conditions and winter. The McPhee Drum Spy is a must-have accessory.”


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