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A last-minute change to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)* could 'cut British businesses off at the knees'**, leave homeowners' renewable energy installations worthless and threaten job security in the sustainable energy sector.

An amendment*** to the draft legislation – if passed – would leave homeowners eligible for money if their installation generates only heat from a renewable source. If the installation also generates renewable electricity, it won't qualify.

Renewable electricity generation is already encouraged under the Feed-in tariff (FIT) and the RHI is an equivalent incentive for heat. But in order to cash in on both schemes and reap the real benefits of your home's renewable potential, you'd have to install a separate unit for each incentive. This at a time when industry experts are placing more attention than ever on ‘hybrid’ approaches to carbon reduction and sustainable energy generation.

Technology already exists – and, on the government's advice, has...

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