Committee broadly supports PRCA recommendations for statutory register

London, 13th July -The PRCA has welcomed the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee’s call for the Government to scrap its current proposals for a statutory register of lobbyists.

The Committee said a system of ‘medium regulation’, that closely resembles the current PRCA Public Affairs Register, should replace the Government’s current proposals.

Medium regulation would cover “all those who lobby professionally”, including in-house lobbyists, lobbyists for trade bodies, charities, trade unions, think tanks, and other organisations.

The PRCA - which currently operates the only public affairs register for in-house organisations in the UK - made it clear in its oral evidence to the Committee and its written submission to the Government’s consultation on a statutory register of lobbyists, that the current proposals, which did not include in-house lobbyists, are not fit for purpose.

The Committee also endorsed the PRCA’s proposal to disclose which organisations are regulated by a trade body and their respective code of conduct.

Francis Ingham, PRCA Chief Executive, said: “It is a great sign that the Committee broadly endorses our proposals. It is now up to the Government to drop its current plans and introduce a universal statutory register as quickly as possible.

“Not a single person has said to me that the current proposals for a statutory register are right. I hope that the Government listens to the growing number of voices both inside and outside Parliament that disapprove of this poor sop to the Coalition Agreement.”

Emily Wallace, Operations Director at Connect Communications and PRCA Public Affairs Group Chairman said: “It’s good to see the Committee recognise that the Government proposals set out to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist, and acknowledge that the vast majority of us working with multiple clients already work in an open and transparent way”.

The Government will publish the findings of its consultation on a statutory register of lobbyists before Parliament rises for the summer.

A White Paper and Draft Bill are expected in spring 2013.


Notes to editors:

For media enquiries please contact Francis Ingham on 020 7233 6026

The full report by the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee is available here.

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