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Online Video Clips Converted in a Flash with S.A.D. GmbH’s MyTube Internet Recorder
Innovative software for web clip portals will change the way we watch online

London, UK, July, 3RD 2008, S.A.D. Software, one of the leading publishers of application and entertainment software in Europe, has announced the release of MyTube Internet Recorder. Quick and easy downloads of internet videos is made truly easy and versatile with this exciting new product.

With MyTube Internet Recorder, videos can be downloaded directly from Online Video Portals like YouTube or Google Video and converted to Windows compatible format. This means you can convert the downloaded clips to mobile devices as well.

MyTube Internet Recorder is two fantastic products in one easy-to-use package. Not only is it the most necessary and adaptable video downloader and converter on the market, it also comprises a built-in Video Search Engine to find the user’s desired...

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