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Wedding season is just around the corner and brides across the UK are finalising their plans and getting ready for their big day. However, more than ever are also contending with the added issue of how to include divorced parents and step-families in their celebrations.

The upcoming film ‘The Big Wedding’ turns this tricky issue into a humorous story-line, but for many brides, the difficulties of family politics, point-scoring and ever-increasing demands can ruin the run-up to their big day and increase stress to unbearable levels.

And with visions of soap-style punch-ups, drunken arguments, new lovers behaving inappropriately or spurned partners sobbing in corner, the image of ‘Divorced Weddings’ isn’t a good one

But happily, all that is changing says Laura Caudery, Director at Parallel Venues, whose beautiful houses play host to weddings throughout the year.

“With divorce rates highest among 40-44 year olds, the...

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