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British consumers will buy more than double their normal amount of snacks, drinks and alcohol during the Olympics, according to an independent survey from OnePoll commissioned by destination media group Redbus (

The findings from a survey of 2,000 people this month revealed that over 88 per cent of shoppers intend to make extra visits to supermarkets to stock up on products such as meals, nibbles and drinks as they enjoy London 2012 at home with family and friends.

Amongst the most popular products that shoppers will buy more of during the London games are:

• Crisps (80%) – Walkers and Pringles are the top choice (38% each)
• Pizza (75 %)
• Beer/cider (75 %) – Budweiser and Stella Artois taking the top spots (12% each)
• BBQ products (67...

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