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The market for automated locker-banks, currently dominated by ByBox and ParcelXchange, as well as in-boot deliveries is getting a shake up with a new player stepping in - ParcelPal are now offering an independent solution to all logistics providers, carriers and other organisations with time-critical 24-hour field service parts exchange needs. “ParcelPal aren’t a logistics provider”, says their Managing Director Steve Bungard, “We’re a technology provider for the logistics industry”.

Their offering is an automated system with modular, expandable lockers suitable for anything from a single locker installation on site or at an engineer’s home, up to a centrally located locker-bank with a maximum of 99 lockers.

The primary locker utilises GSM / GPRS (mobile phone) technology to perform all the communications for the system with internal data storage and back-up battery allowing it to continue to perform through power failures and Internet outages. The...

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