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Get Savvy with Airport Parking and Fuel Costs

Airport parking website Parkat researched the cost of travelling to the airport by taxi in comparison to travelling by car; with the extra addition of 14 days parking. The results lifted the myth hanging over expensive Airport Parking and helped justify how massive savings can be made for families on a budget who need the flexibility of travelling to the airport by car.

Upon requesting quotes from multiple airport taxi firms based within 5 Major UK city centres, we concluded that the average price for a taxi to the nearest commercial airport from each city centre was £121. This was based on a return journey fare.

One of the biggest savings we found included Manchester City centre to Liverpool John Lennon airport. The journey for a family sized car (based on a 35 miles per gallon tank using unleaded petrol costing 133.04 per litre) would cost around £14-£20. We also found that parking a vehicle at the airport cost as little as £2.15 a day and this was apparent even during the peak holiday season.

So, to conclude:
For the luxury of driving to the airport in your own vehicle at your own leisure without the hassle of arranging and waiting around for taxis, we found that a saving of around £70-£80 can be made when compared to getting a taxi!

Note to Editors:

5 major UK Cities were chosen for research.
Unleaded Petrol at 133.04 per litre
Airport taxi firms were selected from Yellow Pages based within each area.

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Salma Hussain - Press Officer
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