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‘My PMT got so out of hand I nearly cried on camera’ - Tamara Beckwith’s monthly meltdown solution

a herbal medicine for PMT has proved a life saver

Even celebs with their perfectly polished lifestyles are not immune to the dreaded PMT. Busy working mum, columnist and presenter Tamara Beckwith juggles her work and family commitments with vigour, but she has recently admitted PMT causes her to lose her temper and make her perfectly managed world crash down around her.

Tamara, 39, who has recently been starring in ‘The Vagina Monologues’ has revealed that a herbal medicine for PMT has proved a life saver for keeping her menstrual moods under control. Tamara says ‘I’ve been using PremHerb® to keep my moods in check as I’m a nightmare when I have PMT!’

‘I’ve suffered from PMT all my life but in the last 2 years it got out of control so I decided to take action! It has had a calming effect on my moods and I no longer have huge mood swings. I first realised that my PMT moods were getting too hot to handle when I was doing a photo-shoot with the legendary photographer Bob Carlos Clarke for fashion designer Scott Henshall which was being published in OK Magazine. I couldn’t get my make up and hair right and just had a huge tantrum throwing my make up across the room.’

‘I was so ashamed of myself that it made me seek help. I eventually found out about PremHerb from a friend who had used it herself. PremHerb® contains a herb called Agnus Castus, however unlike a lot of other herbal medicines, this one is licensed, meaning that the safety and quality is regulated, which gives me peace of mind.’

Like many women Tamara isn’t always able to keep up her vivacious persona, ‘I’m a naturally happy person, but a nightmare when I get in to a real strop I just totally shut down and don’t want to speak to anyone. Instead of a big glass of wine to let off steam I have to stomp it out so I usually go for a long walk around Hyde Park, followed by a nice cup of lapsang tea – then I feel very zen! Most of the time I’m a fun person, so I don’t want the time of the month to interfere with that!’

Notes to Editors:
Tamara Beckwith Biography
Tamara Beckwith, 39 is a columnist, actress and presenter. She has appeared on many television programmes including Come Dine With Me, Dancing On Ice, Celeb Air, So You Think You Can Teach and Celeb Detox Tamara has recently appeared in in The Vagina Monologues. Tamara also has a jewellery range on QVC, and co-owns the photography gallery, The Little Black Gallery, in London.


PremHerb® is the first licensed herbal treatment available to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of PMT and is based on traditional use. While conventional treatment for PMT exists there is evidence that increasing numbers of women are seeking a more natural approach to this problem .

PremHerb® is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to alleviate the symptoms of PMS based on traditional use only and is available in convenient one-a–day, easy to swallow tablets. PremHerb® contains Agnus Castus fruit extract (Vitex agnus castus L), which has long been employed as a traditional method of relieving premenstrual symptoms.

PremHerb® contains dry extract from the Agnus Castus fruit and costs £7.99 for 30 tablets. PremHerb® is available from Boots, Superdrug and Holland & Barrett stores, for more information telephone 01628 401 980 or visit

Agnus Castus fruit extract (Vitex agnus castus L), which has long been employed as a traditional method of relieving premenstrual symptoms is the active ingredient in PremHerb®. Agnus castus reduces the irritability, mood swings, headache, and breast tenderness symptoms of PMT .

To find out more about PremHerb go to or visit to find more about herbs and herbal remedies.

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