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MOLTEN launches revolutionary design basketball that sets new global standard

Issued October 15, 2004

MOLTEN launches revolutionary design basketball
that sets new global standard

MOLTEN, a world-leading manufacturer of athletic balls, launches a radical, new design basketball into the UK this month (October 2004), which is to have a significant impact on basketball design worldwide. The MOLTEN G-series ball has already been heralded by the basketball industry as an inspired technological development and, significantly, has been approved by FIBA (International Basketball Federation).

For generations basketballs have been manufactured with 8 panels, but MOLTEN’s new radical design, created by the world-renowned Giugiaro Design Team, features 12 panels and is packed with ground breaking technology to enhance player performance.

The FIBA Approval of the distinctive, twelve-panel MOLTEN basketball took effect on September 1, 2004 and the ball is to be used in all FIBA competitions worldwide from September 2004. (MOLTEN Corporation is the official sponsor of FIBA.).

Bob Hope, Molten Sports UK comments: “The new MOLTEN G-Series is the most innovative approach to basketball design in decades and the most exciting development to have happened in the basketball world in many years. This unique design, which will set a new global standard, is going to bring new life to a sport that has millions of players and fans around the world. With its revolutionary technology and appearance and with FIBA’s endorsement as its official game ball, it is going to become a “must-have” ball for any player or team.”


The Design

The MOLTEN G-series is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Whilst the characteristic panels and seams of the traditional basketball remain, the new design features twelve panels instead of the usual eight. In addition, the look of the ball has changed, with the traditional one colour becoming two bands of colour – orange and light brown – which stretch around the ball and enhance visibility and brand recognition.

The new ball has been designed by the Italian Giugiaro Design Team whose founder, Giorgetto Giugiaro, is one of the world’s foremost industrial designers. His inspiration has impacted on a vast range of products from cars for Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Fiat to furniture, ceramics and buildings. Once again his team has created a ground-breaking and stylish design which seamlessly fuses two contrasting but essential elements, that of utility and beauty.

The Technology
The principle prerequisite for the new technology developed for the BGL7 (size 7) and BGL6 (size 6) was that it should provide every athlete with the possibility to realize his or her full potential. New features include:

Dual Cushion Technology:
MOLTEN’s innovative proprietary Dual-Cushion Technology has two dimensions:
- a high density / high-cushion foam between the natural leather surface and reinforcing layer
- a special soft rubber in the panel seams
This dual cushion gives the ball a soft feel while maintaining the rebound speed of normal balls. It reduces shock when catching, giving a more agile grip and greater control. The dual-cushion also provides added durability.

MOLTEN Flat-pebble surface
The usual MOLTEN flat-pebble surface has been modified into a flatter finish providing an increased area of contact and enhanced grip and control.

MOLTEN Full-flat seam
The seams have also been flattened between panels so regardless of where the player holds the ball they will always achieve a consistent backspin for stable, accurate shooting and passing.

The new MOLTEN BGL7 / BGL6 helps players attain new levels of performance in all areas including dribbling, passing or shooting.

Dribbling - it provides complete dribbling control, and with better gripping power the passes go exactly where they should, quickly and sharply.

Passing - the ball sticks to the hands thanks to its easy-grip surface, giving the player a firm, steady spin for perfect passing.

Catching - a direct result of the ball’s unique visual design is that it is easy to follow the ball’s movement, allowing the players to lock their hands right on it. The low impact when catching gives a smooth transition to the next pass.

Shooting - the ball’s even surface means that no matter how the player grabs it they always get a smooth and consistent backspin for greater accuracy.

Dunking - with lower air pressure the ball allows for a better grip so players can be in control of the ball until the very last moment.

MOLTEN G- Series Range
MOLTEN has applied the new design to its entire range of basketballs from top of the range genuine leather balls to composite leather and rubber balls. The MOLTEN G-series is available in all sizes including size 7 for men, size 6 for women and size 5 (rubber only) for Mini-Basketball.

For further information about the MOLTEN G-Series basketball, take a look at the MOLTEN web site which can be found at



For further information please contact:
Penelope James
Penelope James Public Relations
Tel: 01303 844555


MOLTEN Corporation:
The MOLTEN Corporation was established in Hiroshima, Japan in 1958 to produce and sell athletic balls and industrial rubber parts for automobiles.

Molten Sports (UK) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MOLTEN Corporation and is responsible for sales and marketing of MOLTEN products including basketballs, soccer balls, netballs, volleyballs and handballs in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

MOLTEN balls have received international recognition through the many first-rank cups and tournaments in which they have served as official competition balls:


Contracts include:
• Official Game Ball of Olympic Games since 1984
• Official Game Ball of World Championships since 1982

• FIBA – International Basketball Federation

• CONSUBASQUET – Confederacion Sudamericana de Basquetbol
• AUSTRALIA – Australian Basketball Federation,
National Basketball League MEN (NBL)
Women (WNBL)
• ITALY - Italian Basketball League
• GERMANY – German Basketball League MEN (1st Div.) and WOMEN (1st & 2nd Div.)
• GREECE – 1st Division Basketball League
• ISRAEL – Israeli Basketball Federation
• Serbia Montenegro – Serbia Montenegro Basketball Federation
• PHILIPPINES - Philippine Basketball Association
• Portugal – Portuguese Basketball Federation and League (LCB)
• Denmark – Danish Basketball Federation
• France – French Basketball Federation
• Russia – Russian Basketball Federation
• Argentine – Argentina Basketball League
• Lithuania – Lithuanian League MEN 1st Div.
• Latvia – Latvian basketball Federation
• Slovakia – Slovakian Basketball Federation
• Czech – Czech Basketball Federation
• And more