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Disc-Lock Washer price slashed thanks to new, scrap free tecnology

Disc-Lock Europe has slashed the price of its Disc-Lock Washer thanks to a new, patented manufacturing technique employed in its manufacturing plant in Taiwan.

Development of this new scrap-free technology has led to a substantial reduction in the manufacturing costs of Disc-Lock’s vibration proof washer, a saving which Disc-Lock Europe is able to pass on to the end-user.

Normally steel washers are manufactured by means of a stamping process, a hugely wasteful method, which results in the unused steel in the centre hole and the outside of the finished washer ending up as scrap. It can take up to four tons of steel to produce just one ton of steel washers using this procedure.

In comparison, the new, patented technique employs a nut cold-forging machine to manufacture the washer. By taking the exact slug of steel required to make one washer from a solid rod, and placing this slug in a dye, it forms the washer in one single strike, leaving zero scrap.

Comments Bob Hope, managing director of Disc-Lock Europe:
“This new, scrap-free technology is good news for us and excellent news for our distributors and customers. As a result we have been able to reduce substantially the price of the Disc-Lock Washer making it a best buy both in terms of quality and price.”

For further information about the Disc-Lock Washer click on this link or contact: Disc-Lock Europe on tel: 01795 844332, e-mail: or check out the Disc-Lock web site at to see the full Disc-Lock product range of vibration proof fasteners.


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What is the Disc-Lock Washer?

The Disc-Lock Washer outperforms all other types of loose, washered, threaded or pinned systems in a wide range of high stress, corrosive and vibration sensitive applications.

Unlike standard washers, the Disc-Lock Washer is fitted in pairs. When installed under the nut or bolt head in blind hole applications vibration problems are solved. Disc-Lock Washers are zinc-plated, heat-treated and are available in a range of sizes from 5mm to 16mm.

All carbon steel washers manufactured after December 2005 are plated with A.S.T.M. B633-98, Class 2, trivalent chromate, blue to comply with RoHS, WEEE and ELV European Directives.