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Peregrin’s Rapid Recap Available for Global Business Funding Needs, Enables Faster Debt and Equity Transactions

Peregrin Marketplace Limited, a UK provider of investment software and software-enabled services, has launched its new Rapid Recap web application worldwide. Using Peregrin’s proprietary transaction management system, Rapid Recap enables company profiling, data sharing, due diligence, non-disclosure agreements and term sheets to streamline debt and equity fundraising online. Other features of Rapid Recap include book builder tools for concluding an investment round with multiple investors.

Rapid Recap saves fast growing businesses and startups time and money when compared to traditional fundraising processes, and supports remote working arrangements. Unlike crowdfunding, Rapid Recap allows qualified users to negotiate customised terms of investment. Seamless flexibility is critical to investment rounds with institutional investors, corporates and more experienced angel investors. Another benefit of Rapid Recap is that it puts everything for a fundraising round together in one secure online location. This is a huge improvement over having information spread across emails, presentations, documents, web chats and handwritten notes. Businesses can also share account access with their financial, legal and tax advisors, to bring all the necessary expertise together in one place.

“Rapid Recap is the latest example of Peregrin’s commitment to innovation in dealmaking support and to making the fundraising process as frictionless and cost-effective as possible,” said Justin Patrick, Managing Director. “There are a lot of fantastic companies out there that could use a boost when it comes to fundraising, especially now when every minute of the day, and every penny, counts more than ever.”

Rapid Recap was initially released in the United Kingdom in September 2020. Development of Rapid Recap was made possible with the support of Innovate UK. Innovate UK is a non-departmental public body and acts as the UK government’s innovation agency. Its Fast Start funding programme has been set up to promote business-led innovation in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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