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Wrap up warm, ‘The Blizzard Wizard’ has an icy tale for children this winter!

Hinks’ unique style of fantasy adventure with a healthy spoonful of yuckyness is a joy for parents’ to read to younger children

London 2 September 2010 “Wake up! Wake up!” the Guide cried, “The Blizzard Wizard has turned the Gardener into ice. Ramion is in great danger!”

Frank Hinks’ children’s book, ‘The Blizzard Wizard’, is published on 1 October 2010.

‘The Blizzard Wizard’ is the 14th story in the Ramion series.
Aimed at 7/8 years (and all who are young at heart), Hinks’ unique style of fantasy adventure with a healthy spoonful of yuckyness is a joy for parents’ to read to younger children and older children to read for themselves.

One touch of the Blizzard Wizard and body, mind and spirit turn to ice. With the unwitting help of foolish Cloud 9 the Princess of the Night frees the Blizzard Wizard from prison. With the rabbit Scrooey-Looey the boys, Julius, Alexander and Benjamin set out to gather earth from the bottom of a pond where the Ducky Rocky lives surrounded by monsters of the forest, pure water guarded by a snake in the deepest cavern in Iliana, breeze from Mount Nereid and fire from the volcano of the Princess of the Night. These four elements when they combine will bind up the Blizzard Wizard and take him back to his prison cell. Can the warrior cat Snuggle save the land of Ramion again?!

Robin Edwards
TV Scriptwriter and author said:-
“Frank Hinks’ invention Ramion, a place where anything could happen and does - pulls together all the classic elements essential to keep children interested, in fine style. Great stuff, especially if you’re trying to wean a recalcitrant boy off the

Robin Stuart-Clark
Readers' Forum book Club said:-
“Frank Hinks transports you to a world where good battles evil and evil gives as good as it gets, all with a dose of good humour and no nonsense dialogue and wonderful, mind-stopping illustrations that make you look and look again”

Ask Frank Hinks how many more Ramion stories he will write and what inspires him to keep writing and he will tell you, “I will keep writing whilst the ideas which stem from years of bedtime storytelling for my three sons Julius, Alexander and Benjamin (who are now adults) continue to flow. I am currently working on The Body Collector. How many beyond that I have no idea.”

Notes to Editors: ‘The Blizzard Wizard’ by Frank Hinks is published by Perronet Press.

ISBN 9780954704667 Story 14 in the Ramion series. 36 full colour Illustrations. Publishing date: 1 October 2010. Price £12.99 Hard Back

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