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Curo Compensation Announces New Peer Comparison Functionality to CuroGPG, its Gender Pay Gap reporting product

A complete digital solution for UK Gender Pay Gap reporting compliance

A complete digital solution for UK Gender Pay Gap reporting compliance.

Curo Compensation Limited (Curo), an industry leader in total compensation management technology, today announced extended functionality to CuroGPG, its self-service platform which enables clients to fully comply with statutory Gender Pay Gap reporting in the UK. Used by over 170 clients across the UK, CuroGPG also provides deep analytics, actionable insights and forecasts.

With the second year of mandatory public reporting now complete, UK employers are focusing more on actions required to close pay gaps as well as benchmarking themselves against other employers in their sector. CuroGPG’s report comparison functionality now allows users to compare their own data sets against:

• Data sets uploaded by other companies within their industry sector (SIC code)
• National data available via the Government’s Gender Pay Gap Viewing Service
• Customised peer groups – users can create/select a subset of companies to do a more targeted benchmark comparison of their gender pay gap statistics

These new features are available at the Advanced and Premium subscription service levels and are in line with Curo’s commitment to continue to evolve the product in line with UK legislation.

Learn more about CuroGPG here

Curo are also looking at the emerging ethnicity reporting legislation with a view to including this additional functionality in a future release. The CuroGPG product can also be white labelled by distribution partners to sell on to their clients as an additional service addressing a specific legislative requirement. Such an arrangement is in place with Eversheds Sutherland.

About Curo Compensation Limited
CuroGPG part of Curo Compensation's innovative product suite. Curo is a market leading provider of compensation management software. Curo has developed a highly configurable and scalable compensation management software solution called CuroEnterprise, which enables customers to manage their pay review cycle efficiently and securely in accordance with agreed, and often complex, compensation plans. The company sells globally and has an impressive client list. CuroEnterprise is currently used to manage compensation reviews for over 300,000 employees, in 130 currencies, across 150 countries.

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