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A Cambridge-based biotech company is leading the fight against potentially fatal bacteria such as MRSA and E. coli, attracting new funding to develop its pioneering treatment which could play a vital role in treating outbreaks such as those in France and Germany.

Phico Therapeutics has recently raised £1 million of further funding to develop a range of medical products based on its novel antibiotic technology, SASPjectTM , which is proving effective in targeting bacteria resistant to conventional antibiotics.
Treating these E. coli food poisoning bacteria with existing antibiotics has proved ineffectual, and is considered by some medical scientists to make matters worse by causing the E. coli pathogen to release more toxins. SASPjectTM PT3.X deactivates bacteria and prevents the release of toxins, halting the infection in its tracks. Unlike conventional antibiotics, SASPject only...

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