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Award winning Hamster buggy bags

Ten months ago it was just an idea. Today the Hamster buggy bags are in the “20 Best Pram Accessories” as featured in Mother & Baby Magazine January 2011.

A London mum, Lara Milanova took the plunge and invested life savings in a product which she passionately believed would help parents of young children using lightweight buggies. The product, Hamster buggy bags ( has been enthusiastically received by the nursery industry. In November they were awarded Gold for Best New Innovation at the Mother & Baby Awards 2010/11 and Which? gave them the thumbs up.

Lara’s idea was born out of necessity. Motherhood had prepared her for the hard work ahead and the experience of raising a toddler with severe food intolerances had given her the strength and determination. In a short space of time, Lara had...

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