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Is your boss supplying "illegal" water?

Bursting the bubble on water safety

Guildford, 1st October 2009: British bosses may be inadvertently flouting laws designed to safeguard the quality of drinking water in the workplace. Nick Heane, MD of Tana Water UK, an approved supplier of mains-fed water coolers to the NHS, warns that using components that have not been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme could lead to water contamination.

According to Heane, many water cooler suppliers are themselves unaware of the legislation governing their industry. He makes reference to the Water Fittings Regulations and Scottish Byelaws document on the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme website ( which states: “Plumbing materials and fittings must be of a suitable standard.” “The Government requires water suppliers to enforce the regulations. It is a criminal offence to breach the regulations and offenders may face prosecution.”

He also draws attention to the clause: “It is not illegal to sell unsuitable fittings and appliances, but to install one would be illegal, so check suitability before purchase.”

“The fact that people in the water cooler industry are claiming not to know about this law points to a widespread ignorance of the rules designed to keep our drinking water as safe as possible,” says Heane. “This means that it’s even less likely that facilities managers and company bosses will be aware of their legal obligations when it comes to installing water coolers. As they say, ignorance of the law is no defence, so I’m calling on the government to educate businesses about the legal requirements to safeguard their drinking water supply.”

About Tana Water (UK) Ltd.,
Tana Water UK Ltd, owner of the Tami 4 brand, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tana Industries, one of the world’s leading developers and producers of mains-fed water coolers and dispensers. Tana has installed more than 17,000 water dispensers in the UK within the private and public sector, including educational establishments, hospitality and healthcare providers, government offices and domestic environments. Tana Water UK is an approved supplier to the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency.

All Tami 4 water coolers and dispensers have Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval and only use WRAS approved installation parts, ensuring that our machines are suitable to be connected to mains water supplies. To substantially reduce electricity consumption, all new hot & cold Tana machines automatically power down when not in use. Tana Water mains-fed machines are recyclable and use biodegradable carbon filters. Our 11Watt ultraviolet lamps are disposed of in compliance with WEEE regulations. Used units are returned to our factory in Guildford and refurbished or recycled. Extending their use in this way considerably reduces waste sent to landfill.
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About the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme:

The Scheme has the following aims:
(a) To promote knowledge of the Water Regulations throughout the UK and to encourage their consistent interpretation and enforcement, for the prevention of waste, undue consumption, misuse, erroneous measurement or contamination of water.
(b) To provide an advisory service for and on behalf of Water Suppliers and for any other person or body seeking guidance on the principles of Water Regulations.
(c) To consult on behalf of the water supply industry in the UK with Government, with professional, trade and other organisations, with fittings and materials manufacturers and others regarding the Water Regulations and related matters.
(d) To develop criteria for testing materials and fittings to assess their compliance with the Regulators’ Specifications for approved products in accordance with the Water Regulations.
(e) To assess the results of the testing of materials and fittings to determine their compliance with the Regulators’ Specifications and to publish up-to-date lists of satisfactory materials and fittings in the Scheme’s Water Fittings and Materials Directory.
(f) To administer for those Water Suppliers who wish it, a scheme to assess, register and publicise Approved Contractors in accordance with the Water Regulations.
(g) To participate in the representation of the UK Water Supply Industry in the development of relevant, practical and appropriate national and international standards for water fittings and plumbing systems.
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