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Overtis awarded CESG Claims Tested Mark Independent tests confirm advanced endpoint security status of VigilancePro

Overtis receives CCTM certification

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 7th June, 2010. Overtis,a leading provider of user activity management technology, has announced that its VigilancePro™ software has gained the CESG Claims Test Mark (CCTM) certification. Run by CESG, the Information Assurance (IA) arm of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the CCTM certification scheme provides a quality kite mark for buyers in the public and private sector. CCTM features as a recommended certification in the CESG Good Practice Guidelines and the HMG IA Standards.

The CCTM tests established that VigilancePro is a comprehensive insider threat management solution capable of protecting sensitive data at rest, in use and during transmission. The assessors also agreed that VigilancePro is suitable for protecting data at business impact level 2 and below. Tests further substantiated the ability of advanced endpoint security agents, as well as agents for servers and terminal servers, to carry out information protection over a central management server. Moreover, the ability of VigilancePro to promote positive user behaviour in line with security policies, through a combination of on-screen prompts and intelligent least-restrictive intervention methods, was also validated. By integrating logical (IT) security with physical security systems such as CCTV, biometrics and access control, CESG validated that VigilancePro can help to prevent data being lost via electronic communications, or by physical removal from a building.

Head of the CCTM Secretariat, Peter Hayes, announced the award at the annual showcase event, Infosecurity Europe 2010. “It is really helpful to buyers across the public sector to see recognition for products they can use with confidence. In addition, many private sector suppliers are adopting CCTM certificated products in their solutions for their own government customers”, notes Hayes. “Buying an Information Assurance product from commercial vendors becomes a good deal easier when the buyer can see this CESG kite mark”, says Hayes.
“We are delighted to gain certification as it demonstrates that VigilancePro has stood up to independent scrutiny and proved in numerous tests that it allows system administrators to monitor, manage and protect data whenever users interact with it on the endpoint, thereby improving data governance and guaranteeing compliance with industry and regulatory requirements,” said Ed Macnair, CEO, Overtis.


In the award photograph provided: Overtis CEO, Ed Macnair, is seen being presented with the CCTM certificate by Mr Keith Morgan, Contracts Manager at CESG Cheltenham.


The CESG Claims Tested Mark (CCTM) scheme provides a government quality mark for the public and private sectors based on accredited independent testing, designed to prove the validity of security functionality claims made by vendors. The CCTM scheme verifies the claims security vendors make for their solutions for data confidentiality, integrity and availability in the modern government IT environment. In more colloquial terms, the CCTM is designed to assure public bodies that a product or service does ‘what it says on the box’. It is operated by CESG, the Information Assurance arm of GCHQ, based in Cheltenham UK.

Full details of the CCTM scheme can be found at:

About Overtis:

Overtis ( produces IT security applications that dynamically protect the high value information assets of the enterprise community, government departments and public sector bodies. Its unique endpoint-based VigilancePro™ solutions which prevent information loss and stop unauthorised transfers while accelerating approved information flows, are easily deployed, scale effectively and meet strict compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations. Intelligent data monitoring, end-to-end encryption and intuitive user guidance are some of the features that enable VigilancePro to reduce risk without operational impact and deliver comprehensive Enterprise Information Protection.

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