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Flooded Westminster, London on FloodSim

EMBARGO UNTIL 00.01 am Tuesday 5th August 2008

You can be Flood Tsar - New online game explores risk of flooding in UK

An online simulation game launched on Tuesday (Aug 5th) helps families understand the UK’s risk of flooding, and the policy decisions needed to make sure the UK is protected against floods., developed by London based computer game company PlayGen, puts the player in charge of all flood policy decisions. In the game, floods hit the UK each year, and success is determined by how many people and how much of the economy is affected by flooding.

The project has received backing from Environment Minister Phil Woolas. He said: “The floods of 2007 show just how serious flooding can be, and I am glad to see that this project has been developed to enable people to have a greater understanding of the risk of flooding. A number of decisions need to be taken when we look at managing the risk of flooding...

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