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With increasing pressure for children to get into their local school and rising University tuition fees with less option for retakes, thousands of teenagers will be battling to deal with exam stress this summer and for many, this could trigger mental health problems.

Noticing a few jitters or nerves before an exam is a normal and healthy experience for most people. However, for those whose anxiety takes over, the feelings can be overwhelming and spiral out of control.

Dr Sharie Coombes, leading child psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, provides the following top tips to help children keep their anxiety in check and get through the exam season without stress getting the better of them. B-Calm, oral vitamin spray, also provides a quick burst of B vitamins and herbs to induce relaxation and calm when the pressure becomes too much, helping students to stay on top of their nerves.

Stress-busting tips – B-CALM:


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