Stars of ‘What Britain Bought in 2017’, Popaball, release their latest range… and it’s pure gold

Popaball's new flavourless shimmer range
Popaball's new flavourless shimmer range

Already {{credited for setting one of the key trends of 2017 by Mary Portas with their rose gold shimmer “game changer for prosecco”}}, Popaball are sending prosecco fans’ hearts racing again with the launch of their exciting new flavourless metallic shimmer range.

Flavourless shimmer range

Popaball, a ‘pimp your drinks’ company, sell a range of sparkly drink shimmers. Sprinkle these into your prosecco to make it turn magical shimmery colours and, if you want, add a subtle fruity flavour.

“The launch of the new gold, silver and bronze shimmer range caters for those wanting to make their prosecco look beautiful without adding a fruity flavour”, Popaball’s E-Commerce Director Tanja explains. “We had some customers asking for flavourless shimmers, so after a lot of development, and of course a few cheeky test glasses of prosecco, we created the new metallic range”.

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Popaball started selling drink shimmers in March 2017, after the directors, with a love of all things sparkly, invented the product over after-work drinks one Friday evening.

“We had always thought that adding glitter to prosecco would be fabulous, but we needed to find the right type of glitter (not all glitter is amazing!) and we wanted a great colour and a nice subtle flavour. After months of product development, our first shimmer was born, Rose Gold with a hint of raspberry”, said Tanja.

Since the launch of the Rose Gold, Popaball have gone on to launch Blue Pearl (blueberry) and Violet Royale (blackcurrant). Their products are already being used in prosecco glasses up and down the country and the directors hope the launch of the new gold, silver and bronze flavourless shimmers will help them cater for an even wider audience.

For those wanting the new range for their next party, get yourself over to Popaball’s website, Popaball

Popaball shimmer collection

Simply spoon a tiny amount of the shimmer into your prosecco, watch it bubble up and then clear to reveal a gorgeous shimmery prosecco. Why wouldn’t you want to create beautiful Instagram-worthy drinks to share with your friends?!

We cannot wait to see what Popaball release next, but for now, it is time to enjoy a shimmery glass of prosecco (with the obligatory photo of course)!

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