Moonpig Mother's Day Infographic
Moonpig Mother's Day Infographic


• 61% will rush home for their Mums on Mother’s Day
• A third of millennials will travel over two hours just to see Mum
• 88% of students will take the time to send Mum a card this year

Millennials get a lot of bad press, often labelled as lazy, entitled and self-absorbed. But as Mother’s Day fast approaches, new research from - the UK’s favourite personalised greeting card and gift store - reveals this generation to in fact be a highly thoughtful & sensitive bunch.
In a recent poll of young people aged between 17 – 21, almost all recognised that what their mums really want this Mother’s Day is precious time with their offspring. Something that this loving lot intend to give in 2016 – with 61% of those polled planning to make the effort to visit their mums this Mother’s Day – two thirds of whom will have to travel for more than one hour to get there, and a third for more than two hours.
Aside from spending quality time with their offspring, millennials believe that what mum would like most for Mother’s Day is a meaningful card, and when it comes to remembering the big day, these guys are on it. 78% say they have never forgotten and 88% will definitely be sending a card this year. In terms of gifts; flowers, chocolates and spa days came out on top of mum’s wish-list, and it would seem that mothers everywhere will not be disappointed, as 78% of millennials polled are planning to make a special purchase for their mums this year, with the majority spending £11-£25 and a generous one-in-four of folk planning to spend in excess of £26. The most unusual gifts being bought for mum this Mother's Day were cited as football tickets, nose studs, new bras and a Turkish lamp. Gin, Liquorice Allsorts and a personalised pair of decoupage shoes will also be gifted!

When visiting home, this sentimental set loves nothing more than to spend quality time with their mums – cooking together, enjoying a takeaway or going for a family walk. And surprisingly few had any expectations of being waited on by mum. A whopping 90% of young folk said they help their mums around the house when they go back home to visit. Two thirds of those polled said they would never expect their mums to do their washing anymore and half said they now always do their own when returning home. While a few cited practical and financial support as something they look to mum for, the vast majority of those surveyed said they value emotional support and physical affection by far the greatest – with 34% of millennial men admitting they most crave a cuddle from mum!

This could, in fact, be a generation of superstars when it comes to staying in touch – 92% contact their mums at least once a week, with 85% regularly picking up the phone. A third of devoted fellas and a quarter of loving lasses like to speak to their mums every day! While one-in-three millennials say they like to celebrate their mums’ tech-savviness, staying in touch through more modern means such as Facebook or WhatsApp. The most unusual means of staying in touch was cited as sending a ‘wish you were here mum!’ postcard.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and that certainly seems true for this group of sentimental youngsters: an enormous 84% of guys and gals said they miss their mums massively since moving out of home, with almost all having experienced a stronger bond with their mothers since living apart. Chat, cooking and hugs came out as the things most missed, while mum’s jokes proved to be the thing most (80%) could do without!

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*Research conducted by DIGIN – the UK’s leading student database - in February 2016, across 1,000 students


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