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StreamShield Delivers on Clean Internet Promise with Revolutionary New Product Solution

LONDON, June 29, 2005 – StreamShield Networks (TM), the leader in real-time internet content security, today announces its next generation product solution that enables service providers and network operators to offer their subscribers clean and safe internet services free from infected, unwanted and inappropriate content. StreamShield is the first company to provide ultra high-speed, internet-based protection for both email and real-time applications with full per-user personalisation of the clean internet service.

The centrepiece of StreamShield’s product solution is the CSG-3100 content security gateway – a carrier class networking product designed for deployment within the service provider’s infrastructure. The CSG-3100’s real-time hardware platform is capable of scanning 250,000 webpage requests per second for unacceptable content, and 5,000 emails a second for viruses and spam. This unparalleled level of performance is achieved through StreamShield’s patent-pending, silicon-based content processing engine StreamScan (TM).

The CSG-3100 integrates with the StreamShield.Net threat update service. StreamShield.Net collates the latest threat information from StreamShield’s anti-virus and website classification partners, and automatically distributes this information in real-time to the CSG-3100 systems located in the service provider’s network for immediate protection against new threats.
Geoff Bennett, StreamShield’s Director of Product Marketing, comments: “StreamShield’s new product solution radically changes the way protection against internet threats is provided to residential and business users. For the first time, web and email threats can be identified and blocked in the service provider’s network, with each subscriber being able to customise the clean internet service to their own individual requirements. Our announcement today is the first major step to making the dream of a clean internet a reality.”

Oliver Harcourt, senior research analyst at IDC, comments: "The secure content management (SCM) market is set to exhibit some impressive growth over the next few years. StreamShield's approach unifies various forms of content threat management within one box, through its Content Security Gateway that can filter both email and real-time applications. IDC believes solutions that integrate multiple SCM technologies on a single platform will prove popular because of benefits they offer over single function solutions, such as simplified management and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, the performance capabilities of the Content Security Gateway will make it an interesting proposition to internet service providers and large enterprises."

The StreamShield product solution comprises:

• StreamShield CSG-3100 content security gateway.
• StreamShield Server – management server that is located in the service provider’s network controlling multiple local CSG-3100 units. Integration with the service provider’s internal systems is provided via a SOAP/XML API.
• ShieldView: StreamShield’s management portal.
• StreamShield.Net threat update service – operated and managed by StreamShield Networks.

The StreamShield product solution is expected to commence customer trials this summer. In addition, StreamShield Networks has signed an agreement with BT to work together to investigate a security proposition for the service provider marketplace. Further information can be obtained at

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About StreamShield Networks

StreamShield Networks is the leader in internet-based content security solutions. The company’s products and services identify and block threats – such as viruses, worms, other forms of malware, spam, pornography and inappropriate content – in the internet before the content reaches any users and harms their computer systems.

The company enables service providers, carriers and mobile operators to offer clean and safe internet services to their residential and business customers which can be tailored to their own individual preferences and requirements.

StreamShield overcomes the performance and scalability limitations of current software and network appliance technologies (which are designed for customer premises rather than deployment in the internet) through a unique, patent-pending silicon-accelerated content security engine called StreamScan (TM). Based on a massively parallel architecture, StreamScan can monitor network traffic and check for multiple threats simultaneously in real-time at multi-gigabit speeds regardless of protocol or application.

StreamShield Networks is an independent subsidiary within the Detica Group of companies.

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