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London – 11th March 2007 – Tim Burfoot, Managing Director of performance management consultancy, Teasel, warns that the obsession with hitting targets is robbing managers of the ability to exercise judgement based on a sound interpretation of the environment.

“For years now, managers of all varieties have trotted out the old saying What gets measured gets done, as though it were akin to divine mantra.

“Of course, we all know it's true. But long term sustainability depends on doing the right things, which aren't necessarily the same as the measured things. Businesses are running enormous risks that their people are getting better and better at doing the wrong things, simply because those are the things that are getting measured,” says Tim Burfoot.

According to Teasel, time and time again organisations are struggling to make sense of huge data sets derived from multiple source systems. They are so busy trying to develop and maintain a system for keeping score that as a company they've lost sight of what the game is all about.

Burfoot concludes: “Management information solutions really should do exactly that - inform managers. But having the right information is only the starting point - exercising judgement in deciding what to do on the basis of the information is what really counts.”


About Teasel

Founded in 2004, Teasel are specialists in programme management, business change and management information solutions. They help organisations integrate high quality, real-time information about changes in the operating environment with an improved ability to manage continuous cycles of change. Their management information solutions provide consistent reporting across mixed infrastructures, including in-house, outsourced and offshore facilities, without the need to make additional technology investments.

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