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Charity Launches Unique Range of Christmas Gifts

International development charity Practical Action has launched a brand new range of Christmas gifts with a difference this month in an effort to raise more funds to help people in developing countries lift themselves out of poverty.

New gifts available this year include Love Your Alpaca for £86 which acts as a lifeline to people living in the high Andes in Peru where few animals can survive thanks to the freezing temperatures. Alpacas provide a family with wool they can use for clothing or sell and a regular supply of milk.

Other gifts include a powerless fridge, known as a Zeer Pot for £28 for use in hot countries where there is no access to electricity. The fridges are invaluable in the baking heat of Sudan and are created by placing one earthenware pot inside another surrounded by a layer of damp sand keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 20 days.

For just £11, a set of tools and materials can be provided to help Nepalese farmers cultivate their fields and build a better future for their families.

£12 will buy a family a fluffy duck which not only provide a reliable food source in the form of nutritious eggs but can be bred and sold to generate essential income. Ducks also float where chickens don’t(!), making them perfect for families living in flood-prone Bangladesh.

When a gift is purchased, the recipient will receive a gift pack describing the gift they have received along with a hand-painted Fairtrade bookmark painted by women in Nepal. The donation itself will then be put to work straight away, helping to transform the lives of people overseas.

Gifts range in price from as little as £8 for a Kenyan fireless cooker to as much as £3510 for a fully-functioning micro-hydro system providing electricity to an entire community in Zimbabwe.

Practical Action is an international development charity with a difference, working together with some of the world’s poorest women, men and children, helping to alleviate poverty in the developing world through the innovative use of technology.

For more information and to view this year’s entire range of innovative Christmas gifts visit


For further information, please contact Abbie Upton, Practical Action Media Officer, on 01926 634510 or 07714 205342.