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In light of the recent upheavals to the solar power industry following the government’s attempt to reduce the Feed-in Tariff (the amount paid to homeowners for every kilowatt of power they generate from their domestic solar panel system), there has been a lot of confusion amongst potential investors and solar companies alike. Spirit Solar, a leading solar installation company, is offering returns of 10% for systems installed before 31st March 2012 – with potential returns of up to 18%.

Following the legal dispute against the government regarding the cuts and the public debate between the Prime Minister and Spirit Solar’s own MD, Erica Robb, the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) has announced that,

“The tariff rate for PV installations less than or equal to 4kW will not fall below 21p for installations with an eligibility date between 12th December 2011 and 31st March...

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