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PolySpace Technologies announces desktop software verification

PolySpace Technologies, worldwide leader in the static verification of embedded software, has released PolySpace Developer Edition in the UK, a software verification tool that can analyse embedded code written in Ada or C for errors and potential faults on a desktop PC without having to execute it and test it in all conditions. The desktop version enables parts of the software to be analysed without having to use a high performance server.

PolySpace Technologies uses a technique called static verification to analyse software at an early stage of development to ensure that it will work. It will detect and highlight faults such as referencing a variable that doesn’t exist or trying to divide another variable by zero. The technique, which has been known mathematically for many years, was developed into a tool by PolySpace Technologies in order to verify software for embedded applications.

Ken Nathan, UK General Manager of PolySpace, commented: “Checking software at the time it is compiled enables engineers to capture bugs much earlier in the development cycle and devote their functional testing of software on just that – making sure it does what it is supposed to do, rather than using it to trap the bugs. As a result, the testing time saved by our users is typically over 50%.”

With a fully automatic setup, PolySpace Developer Edition is the first solution that detects runtime errors when the software is compiled, without writing or executing any test suite. Its unique ability to detect errors at the earliest stage of software development process avoids later discovery of annoying software failures during functional testing or even during use. It enables bugs be fixed in a matter of minutes compared to the hours - or even days - of debugging through run-time testing.

“PolySpace Developer Edition allows us to address the needs of thousands of developers of embedded systems, an activity sector - and market - that grows extremely quickly. PolySpace Developer Edition is definitively a must-have tool to deal with the increase in application complexity and an ever shortening time-to-market." said Daniel Pilaud, CEO of PolySpace Technologies.

PolySpace Developer Edition is available on Windows, Linux and Unix Solaris platforms and analyses codes written in C and Ada development languages.

About PolySpace
As a software product developer, PolySpace Technologies provides the industry’s first software development tools that automatically detect run-time errors in embedded applications without testing. Based in Grenoble, France, PolySpace has offices in Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States and distributors in Australia, China, India, Italy and Japan. Its customers are mainly in the automotive, avionics, defence, consumer electronics, energy, medical, aerospace, railways and telecom industries. It strengthened its team in November 2003 in the UK in order to service its growing customer base in this country.

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