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Purdicom Collaborates with Siklu and Ruckus Wireless to Introduce Virtuosity

Company Provides Scalable Indoor and Outdoor Devices to Enable High-Margin Revenue Streams for ISPs, Wireless Access Providers

OXFORDSHIRE, England — November 20, 2015 — Purdicom today introduced a unique, multi-gigabit wireless solution featuring Siklu Communication Ltd. and Ruckus Wireless Inc.. The new solution enables networks to expand wireless capabilities with outdoor-indoor access, swiftly and easily deployed at unbeatable costs. With this solution, Purdicom is providing a complete wireless solution featuring Siklu backhaul and Ruckus access. This feature-rich product set includes scalable outdoor and indoor smart fiber-like wireless products and enables high-margin revenue streams for ISPs and other wireless access providers.

"Purdicom is excited to offer its customers a one-stop-shop for wireless connectivity and access products which provide a platform for a myriad of services and even IoT technologies,” said Chris Knight Purdicom’s Head of Technical & IT. “The end to end solutions effectively facilitate exceptional, interference-free performance, and enable wireless integrators to offer networks with scalable gigabit capacity within rapid installation times.”

Purdicom has already registered early success by offering the total range of smart and scalable, high capacity access and connectivity solutions enabled by Ruckus and Siklu. It was by no coincidence that Purdicom chose the November 5th (Guy Fawkes Night) in which to celebrate its newest wireless bundle. ‘The Outdoor Indoor Journey’ event introducing the blazing end-to-end wireless solutions took place at Mercedes Benz World; a venue as fitting as the date. To form the solution set, Purdicom carefully handpicked two wireless experts, while being inspired by the slogan Mercedes Benz so aptly uses ‘The best or nothing’.

Ruckus is happy to be part of this winning wireless duo where cost-effective, cutting-edge, high-capacity access points will be powered by Siklu’s interference-free Gigabit connectivity backhaul expertise. Our joint outdoor and indoor wireless solutions will quickly provide exceptional network performance in today’s higher density environments,” said Chris Mendoza, Ruckus’ Senior Director of EMEA Marketing.

“Our combined wireless virtuosities will ensure killer coverage for bandwidth-hungry applications from the access point all the way to the end user device. Siklu is proud to team up with Ruckus for this wireless initiative, and to create wireless assets at unbeatable prices,” said Zeev Farkash, Siklu’s VP Global Sales.

For more information contact Purdicom: 0333 1212 100