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London: Wednesday 1st August 2012

Professional Outsourcing magazine has been appointed to the advisory board of the new Centre for Global Sourcing and Services at Loughborough University School of Business and Economics, and has also been chosen as media partner for the new centre.

The centre, led by Professor Ilan Oshri, will carry out independent research into key trends across areas such as captive shared services, outsourcing, offshoring and back-sourcing, with the aim of improving sourcing practice through ongoing engagement with both managers and policy-makers.

Managing Editor Chris Middleton said: "I'm delighted that Professional Outsourcing has been appointed to the advisory board and chosen as media partner for a brand new research centre at one of the UK's leading academic institutions. This magazine is founded on the principles of providing in-depth, independent research, expert analysis and thought leadership - aims that we...

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