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ContractStore Develop Free Privacy Policy


* The ContractStore is an online business offering legal document templates and contracts for business.

* Its customers are small and medium sized businesses and come from all around the world.

* The entire business is operated online by a small team of international lawyers and supporting professionals.

* ContractStore has developed a privacy policy template for business websites

* The new document is available free of charge on the basis that anyone making use of it puts a link back to ContractStore on their website.

* You can download the privacy policy template by clicking here. It contains full details of how to place a link from your site.


Quote attributed to Giles Dixon - Managing Director of The ContractStore Ltd

"Every business has to take account of so many legal and regulatory issues these days and Data Protection is one of them. This is a complex area but any business website in the UK that collects personal data needs a privacy policy. A free template cannot cover every eventuality but it can point companies in the right direction."

Company Background

The ContractStore was founded in 2001 by Giles Dixon, a city solicitor and expert in construction law. With a good deal of international experience and a vision of making legal protection simple and accessible to all, he conceived the idea of writing quality standard documents and making them available around the world over the internet.
With a small team including lawyers in Dubai, China and the UK, a legal secretary and a team of website developers, 50 documents were written and made available through

Since opening, The ContractStore has steadily increased the number of documents on the site and now has lawyers in the United States and South Africa contributing to the growing catalogue of contracts. At the same time, increasing traffic has resulted in the website having visitors from more than 180 countries and sales in many parts of the world. New documents are always being added so the stock has also grown. Freelance design, PR and marketing support has meant an improved look to the site and an increasing presence in the online and offline media.

Company Profile

The following qualities are at the core of ContractStore:

* clarity
* solidity
* respectability
* modernity
* quality
* accessibility to all

The ContractStore has been described as ‘the IKEA of law’. Documents are written clearly and come with full explanatory notes; the concept of selling legal documentation so cheaply and directly is very new, and is ideally suited to the internet. The aim is to make customers feel they are ‘in safe hands’, the company is reputable and reliable and the documents are of excellent quality.

Target Market

The target audience for The ContractStore is people running small and medium sized businesses located anywhere in the world.
The documents are most applicable to English law or systems based on English law, of which there are many. The UK and the US form the bulk of the customer base, but documents have been sold in a great number of countries. Many of the documents are designed for use as international agreements.
The low-cost, value-for-money contracts should be of particular interest to start-up businesses.


Giles Dixon (Client)
ContractStore Ltd
Managing Director
65 Kew Green
T: 020 8241 7429