Quantix delivers ‘Global Enterprise Monitoring’ SaaS

Quantix, a leading IT Managed Service provider, has developed a groundbreaking new Global Enterprise Monitoring solution (GEM), which has the ability to visually monitor every device within any organisations IT infrastructure – covering everything from Databases and Applications to Networks and Servers.

Because GEM is developed on the back of SaaS technology, it is available at a fraction of the cost to traditional off-the-shelf products. This means that there is no requirement to install, manage and maintain GEM as it is hosted and monitored at Quantix through its substantial team of highly skilled consultants.

GEM provides an innovative reporting and alerting architecture that enables businesses to be highly reactive when IT system issues occur; with the ability to set individual ‘breach levels’ on all components, the end user will be notified prior to any critical failure. The advanced reporting and alerting features includes performance and status graphs, easy-to-use dashboards and SLA reports, all of which require no internal management.

The financial and business benefits of GEM include low cost of ownership, increased IT control and more responsive IT support. Businesses can implement Quantix GEM as a low cost investment but still enjoy the benefits of a completely monitored IT infrastructure.

With the current economic climate as it is, organisations are continually being forced to reduce IT departmental running costs. Through the deployment of GEM businesses are able to do just this as well as improve IT infrastructure performance, reliability and security.

GEM is available on a extremely low subscription basis.

To find out more about how Quantix GEM can help your business become more efficient, please contact Quantix on 0115 983 6200 or visit our website at: www.quantix-uk.com/Global-Enterprise-Monitoring.aspx