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LONDON, UK, May 9th, 2019 – REBO announced the addition of Sven Groeneveld and Nick Bollettieri to the company’s global ambassador programme.

“Sport is integral to thriving communities,” said REBO founder Adrian Hutchins. “It can do more, when we see smarter ways to fit it into the fabric of our neighbourhoods. REBO’s range of multi-sport practice walls are innovative and, as a purpose-driven company, with world-class coaches like Sven Groeneveld and Nick Bollettieri, we’re creating opportunities for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals to play, practice and be active.”

REBO takes a timeless way many athletes have developed their skills in ball sports – practicing against a wall – and has made it accessible to people at home, in communities, schools and sports clubs. Through its Ambassador Programme, REBO seeks to draw more people to be active and play, whether through tennis, football and soccer or simply throwing a ball against a wall. What’s...

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