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Best tourist attractions in the world

Colchester, Essex – ROL Cruise, the UK’s No. 1 independent cruise retailer, has conducted a study that compares 25 of the most notable tourist attractions in the world, which has resulted in Machu Picchu topping the leaderboard.

The cruise retailer analysed multiple factors to determine the best attraction overall. This included the average online review score (TripAdvisor and Google); the hours of operation per week; entry prices; Instagram hashtag mentions; and UNESCO Heritage status.

Machu Picchu was determined to be the best tourist attraction in the world, coming in head and shoulders above the rest. Its near-perfect online reviews, free entry price and 24/7 opening hours helped it reach the top spot.

The top ten tourist attractions have been confirmed as:

1. Machu Picchu in Peru
2. Niagara Falls in Toronto
3. Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro
4. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

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