Integrated UML Test Environment Solution announced by PolySpace Technologies and EmbeddedPlus Engineering

PolySpace Technologies, the worldwide leader in the automatic detection of run-time errors at compile time, and EmbeddedPlus, the leading provider of innovative UML functional testing solutions, announced today at the Embedded System Conference in Boston the limited availability of Developer-EP, an integrated test environment for UML-based projects.

Based on EmbeddedPlus and PolySpace proven technologies, Developer-EP directly accesses UML information from a variety of popular development environments. It automatically generates test cases and scripts to check whether designed functionalities provided in the UML diagrams are properly implemented. The product also collects test results and includes a code coverage test analysis report.

Furthermore, Developer-EP enables developers to analyse the source code for common run-time errors, such as out-of-bound arrays, illegal pointer dereferencing and other improprieties in the code. It does not require test cases to be written or the code to be instrumented or executed, and can be run as soon as the code becomes available. All errors are clearly highlighted in the source code, down to the faulty operands.

Salah Obeid, Vice-President of Engineering at EmbeddedPlus Engineering, says: “Ensuring that the UML design is actually implemented correctly in the source code and that the code is robust typically requires hours of tedious work. Developer-EP streamlines these efforts by automatically generating functional test cases, by performing code coverage analysis and by thoroughly analysing the code for run-time errors – all from a single interface”.

“Developer-EP introduces the first integrated and automatic test environment for the UML developer” commented Ken Nathan, UK General Manager for PolySpace Technologies. “It builds on PolySpace and EmbeddedPlus leading technologies to help organisations achieve unique reductions in testing and debugging time”.

Developer-EP is currently available for organisations implementing UML in C++.

About EmbeddedPlus
EmbeddedPlus Engineering, a protegee of The Boeing Company in the Department of Defense Mentor Protegee Program, provides customers with individualised, customised tools and services that they need to improve quality, stability and predictability, while reducing time to market and overall cost of projects.

EmbeddedPlus’ expertise and services are derived from years of experience in systems and software development including real-time embedded system design, system and software modelling and simulations. The firm also provides methodology, training, design and implementation services to leading firms in military, aerospace, medical, and telecom markets.

EmbeddedPlus also provides a variety of UML validation and verification solutions which automate and accelerate the development process, from design to product delivery. Product portfolio includes EPlus Project Manager, which track project progress against the original UML model, EPlus Trace, a traceability tool for DO-178B applications, EPlus Simulation and EPlus Test to analyse applications. More information is available at:

About PolySpace
PolySpace Technologies empowers companies building embedded software applications with the world’s first and unique solution for the automatic detection of run-time errors at compile time. It streamlines white-box and other types of conventional software testing to deliver unparalleled cost and time savings while improving the reliability of software applications.

Based on advanced abstract semantic analysis techniques, PolySpace analyses the internal dynamics of applications by relying solely on their source code. Then, it highlights run-time errors directly in the code, following a proven time-saving process, dramatically reducing the need for lengthy debugging. No test cases, instrumentation or execution is required. PolySpace is available in three different versions - C, C++ and Ada – for Windows, Linux and Solaris.

PolySpace solutions are currently used by a premier roster of Fortune 500 companies located in North America, Europe and Asia, in such industries as Defence, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Transport and Medical Devices. More information is available at:

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