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New release of PolySpace software supports industry standard test and development methodology

PolySpace Technologies, the worldwide leader in the automatic detection of run-time errors at compile time, has released the latest version of its software suite, version 2.5, which includes a qualification package for DO-178B, the Aerospace industry standard for rigorous development of software.

“Like many industries, Aerospace is becoming more dependent on mission-critical software that cannot fail once it is deployed,” commented Ken Nathan. “Their development standard, like many other standards, mandates static data flow analysis of software prior to functional testing. In this way, they can ensure run-time errors – such as divide by zero, overflows and referencing undeclared variables – are eradicated before test suites are run to check for correct operation.”

PolySpace Desktop, PolySpace Verifier and PolySpace Viewer are now shipping in version 2.5 for all supported languages - C, C++ and Ada. The DO-178B qualification package enables customers to demonstrate compliance with this Aerospace industry standard. The PolySpace software is also recommended in other development standards, including the Automotive MISRA standard for software development.

This latest version is a consolidation of the PolySpace software suite which has been developing rapidly over the past few years as more and more organisations have included static data flow analysis in their software development. Early elimination of run-time errors enables more cost effective software development and leads to higher quality code. The PolySpace system works out where the software will fail and if there is any unused code at an early stage of development, helping reduce the cost of development and increasing the efficiency of functional testing.

Other new features in the new version of the software include support for Red Hat and Suse Linux 9.0, support for Windows XP, support for a wider range of target microprocessors and some new productivity enhancements such as a Remote Launcher which enables developers to directly spool analyses from their own desktop to a server.

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About PolySpace
PolySpace Technologies empowers companies building embedded software applications with the world’s first and unique solution for the automatic detection of run-time errors at compile time. It streamlines white-box and other types of conventional software testing to deliver unparalleled cost and time savings while improving the reliability of software applications.

Based on advanced abstract semantic analysis techniques, PolySpace analyses the internal dynamics of applications by relying solely on their source code. Then, it highlights run-time errors directly in the code, following a proven time-saving process, dramatically reducing the need for lengthy debugging. No test cases, instrumentation or execution is required. PolySpace is available in three different versions - C, C++ and Ada – for Windows, Linux and Solaris.

PolySpace solutions are currently used by a premier roster of Fortune 500 companies located in North America, Europe and Asia, in such industries as Defence, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Transport and Medical Devices. More information is available at:

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