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PolySpace announces MISRA compliance checker

PolySpace Technologies, a leading provider of software testing solutions, has announced the PolySpace MISRA Checker, a MISRA-C: 2004 compliance module, which will integrate seamlessly with its existing testing solutions suite. The PolySpace testing solutions analyse C, C++ and Ada code to detect run-time errors at an early stage of the development cycle, reducing costs and increasing the quality of the final code.

The PolySpace MISRA Checker, which will be available early next year, will enable developers to verify instantaneously whether their code is compatible with MISRA standards, decreasing the risks of introducing errors, and increasing the code maintainability. Since the module can be fully integrated to the existing PolySpace solutions, users will also be able to perform an automatic detection of run-time errors on their code from a single testing environment. The module will also ease the analysis process, making it possible to design and implement software at a unit level free from run-time errors.

“This latest module will further enable PolySpace to answer client needs in Automotive and other critical industries” says Daniel Pilaud, CEO of PolySpace Technologies. “Not only will PolySpace MISRA Checker help these customers write high quality code, but it will also allow them to make the most efficient use of PolySpace Desktop which automatically detects run-time errors.”

PolySpace is recognised by the latest VDC report as the fastest growing vendor of software testing tools and already has a significant number of customers in the automotive sector, including BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Delphi, Honda, Nissan, Renault, TRW, Visteon and Volkswagen.

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About PolySpace
PolySpace Technologies empowers companies building embedded software applications with the world’s first and unique solution for the automatic detection of run-time errors at compile time. It streamlines white-box and other types of conventional software testing to deliver unparalleled cost and time savings while improving the reliability of software applications.

Based on advanced abstract semantic analysis techniques, PolySpace analyses the internal dynamics of applications by relying solely on their source code. Then, it highlights run-time errors directly in the code, following a proven time-saving process, dramatically reducing the need for lengthy debugging. No test cases, instrumentation or execution is required. PolySpace is available in three different versions - C, C++ and Ada – for Windows, Linux and Solaris.

PolySpace solutions are currently used by a premier list of Fortune 500 companies located in North America, Europe and Asia, in such industries as Defence, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Transport and Medical Devices. More information is available at:

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