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VeroPath enables customers to reduce telecoms costs by up to 50%

IntelligentComms, the UK specialist in telecoms expenses management, has launched a web-based platform that enables organisations to monitor and manage telecoms expenses for landlines, mobiles and data services.

The active management of telecoms expenses enables companies to save up to 50% on their telecoms expenditure and allows them to make informed decisions about suppliers, tariffs and equipment (source: IntelligentComms customer case studies). Most organisations over-pay for their telecoms services by being on incorrect tariffs from their suppliers, paying for services no longer being used and from incorrect billing.

“Our customers can save between 15 and 50% through the active management of their telecoms bills on VeroPath and can then make informed decisions on their choices of tariffs, services and even suppliers,” commented Ken Nathan, Sales Director of IntelligentComms. “Incorrect billing alone can account for 8% of their telecoms bills, but it’s resource intensive and time consuming to find. VeroPath will check all calls against the tariffs and agreements with your suppliers at a stroke.”

VeroPath brings billing information for landlines, mobiles and data services from all major suppliers into a single platform for customers. All telecoms suppliers offer billing information in different electronic (and paper) formats making it difficult for customers to reconcile the information. VeroPath enables customers to view billing data and interrogate the information to verify if it is correct, to allocate it to cost centres accurately and to make informed decisions.

There are three key modules in VeroPath; the Dashboard, Assets & Charges and Reporting. The Dashboard provides an overview of current telecoms expenses and a visualisation, through graphs, of important consolidated information. The Assets & Charges section contains the details of costs from all network providers being managed and enables users to filter and interrogate the information. The Reports section enables users to interrogate the expenses in more depth.

“In the current market conditions with huge pressure on costs, organisations are increasingly seeking ways of reducing overheads and running costs,” noted Ken Nathan. “VeroPath provides them with a simple tool to reduce telecoms costs and to make effective decisions.”
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Formed in 2002, IntelligentComms is a UK company that helps customers manage external communication costs. The company is completely independent of the network providers: it does not sell hardware, software, call time or bandwidth.

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