Radtac Ltd launch new services in software and business focussed IT transformation

radtac logo transparent
radtac logo transparent

London, Great Britain, 9th October 2012: radtac announced the official launch of its expanded services to enable Information Technology (IT) transformation to transform client businesses at the 'Release The Cheetah' Breakfast Briefing on 8th October 2012.
Presentation: http://radtac-craft.github.com/breakfast-briefing-oct2012.

The company has built an unrivalled and unique capability to deliver IT enabled business transformation and software products using all the latest modern methodologies and development practices, with specific expertise in those approaches derived from Agile, Kanban and Lean Thinking.

The company has been recruiting heavily in recent months to further drive and build their Software Craftsmanship led software delivery services (radtac:craft), transformation management consultancy services (radtac:change) and their unique certified and specialist training offerings in everything Agile, Kanban and Lean, the company and team growth is reflected in their new website (radtac:learn) www.radtac.co.uk.

“With your business under pressure to continually adapt, effective and efficient Information Technology is crucial to your successful evolution. Yet there’s only one company that can offer you a truly comprehensive transformation service.” said Peter Measey, CEO of radtac, “We have built the strongest team in the market to offer software delivery through radatc:craft, transformation consulting and coaching through radtac:change and specialist agile, kanban and lean training through radatc:learn.”

“When economic times are tight and competition is building you need to be assured that you are delivering the right products and services, to the right customers, on-time, every time. Our three business pillars support our clients to achieve these simply expressed but challenging goals” continued Measey, “As more companies appreciate that excellent Information technology is either at the heart of their business or a fundamental enabler for their business, radtac is of its time and the partner of choice, focussed on excellence in everything we do for our clients with transparency, honesty and a focus on shared risk with our clients”

radtac also announced the launch of their 'shared risk and penalty contracts' offering true client and radtac alignment drivers, with measured goals and meaningful penalties for non performance.

Contact: Michael Short
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