radtac:learn launches highly successful accredited Kanban training

London, Great Britain, 2nd January 2013: radtac:learn delivered another highly successful course, its first Kanban training, accredited by Lean Kankan University, in December 2012. In a highly interactive environment, radtac:learn delivered another one of its range of additional building blocks teams and companies can adopt to deliver greater efficiency in a environment of software, project and programme delivery. radtac:learn enables clients to learn and assimilate proven techniques and then encourages an evolutionary adoption approach to change over the move disruptive revolutionary approach.

"radtac has two qualified trainers for the delivery of Accredited Kanban Practitioner training" said Jose Casal, Head of radtac:learn, adding “this is a key part of the modern portfolio in software development training. Over the past month, radtac:learn has accredited and certified over 100 people on Agile and Lean public courses.”.

Mike Downing, Software Development and Maintenance Manager, Western Provident Association, a long-term radtac:learn client, gave his views: "I was delighted with the timing of this new offering. This comes after we have used radtac:learn to support our agile development and in helping us to adopt Kanban” He went to add “We know radtac:learn will provide an excellent course supported by their real-world practical experience of the application of this knowledge."

“Practical use of the Kanban simulation game and our ‘hands on’ experience brings unrivalled depth to our Kanban course” said Peter Measey, radtac’s CEO “Alongside our continued engagement with the academic centres of excellence and other accrediting organisations means that our course delegates get a rounded view of how different techniques can be fitted together in a ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ practical and pragmatic solution to Agile and Lean needs in a software dependant organisation.”.

radtac:learn is offering 10% using discount code KB10 for 17/18th January 2013 course.

About radtac

radtac leads the UK information technology dependant business transformation market. radtac have worked with the majority of top 200 UK trading businesses and have helped many of those with “transforming IT, transforming business” programmes, delivering everything from public certification courses through to private training, change and transformation consulting to turn around business performance to produce better customer satisfaction while increasing profitability as well as delivering crafted software at the coalface of IT development to drive business growth.

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About LKU Accredited Kanban Training

The Lean-Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training Program exists to provide confidence to consumers about the quality of the Kanban training that they will receive. The program establishes the quality of Kanban training based on the status of 1) the organization, 2) the individual trainer, and 3) the training curriculum. Member organizations, their trainers and their training curriculums must meet the established criteria in all three areas in order to call their Kanban training “accredited” and issue certificates under the terms of the program.

The Kanban Method pioneered by David. J. Anderson is at the core of the Lean-Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training curriculum. This curriculum lays out basic principles and practices of effective implementation, including limiting the amount of work in progress and visualizing the work. The Kanban Method takes an organization’s current processes and provides greater visibility into the dynamics of the workflow and state of the work-in-progress. With this new clarity, organizations can start on a path of continual improvement.
For more information about the Lean-Kanban University Kanban Coaching Professional program, please contact David J. Anderson, Lean-Kanban University CEO, at dja@leankanbanuniversity.com, or info@leankanbanuniversity.com.

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