RADTAC partners with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, to launch Foundation Certificate in Agile

LONDON, April 29th 2013 /Sourcewire/ --
RADTAC a leading Agile training and management consulting services company, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, to provide its Foundation Certificate in Agile. Agile Foundation is designed to introduce the Agile Manifesto, its evolution, values, principles and the differences with more traditional mindsets such as the Waterfall approach. The outcome is focused at providing a deep and robust understanding of how Agile works and provides a platform for improved implementation of any Agile methodology.

A new certification program to support organisations and IT professionals

Over the last decade, Agile development methods have become increasingly popular around the world. Many organisations have documented major benefits from adopting tools, practices and methodologies, but the industry has often implemented shallow adoption of specific Agile methods and this has limited its capacity to achieve better results. The resulting dependence on single-method coaches of variable quality has left organisations struggling to develop the necessary skills and understanding to complete a successful and long-lasting Agile transformation.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has been considering how it can best help businesses and IT professionals, and it has selected RADTAC as its partner to deliver an internationally recognised Foundation Level Agile Certification as part of it’s wider Agile program (Registration of Interest) .

Traditional methods are no longer sufficient.

Today organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver value early, to control costs and above all respond quickly to change. Traditional methods such as Waterfall are no longer fit for purpose to deliver in this accelerating environment. Agile is a very wide term. It can be manifested in methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Agile Project Management. The Foundation Certification gives organisations a thorough understanding of the core principles of the Agile Manifesto and the most common practices available today. This is aimed to provide sufficient understanding for an organisation to decide which combinations of Agile methods, techniques and practices will deliver most value for them.


The Agile Foundation Certification provides a thorough grounding in Agile and its best practice application. It clearly demonstrates why and how the different Agile techniques and practices are suited to differing corporate functions and how they may be combined to deliver efficient results.

Customer Experience

Gareth Richardson, Global Head of Delivery at Rule Financial said "RADTAC have helped us clearly to understand some of the advanced Agile options available, and the associated applicability and value of each approach. Their breadth of expertise has helped us to extract further business benefits of Agile, as RADTAC did not just provide us with a standard template. I am very pleased to see that BCS and RADTAC are now partnering to deliver these attributes to a wider audience.”

Helping business transform

Martyn Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, BCS Learning & Development Ltd explains: "We have always been committed to developing capability in all roles and responsibilities to help the industry improve. We knew there was a real need for an Foundation course that would really help IT professionals achieve the grade of certification required in Agile. We are delighted to be working with RADTAC on this which dovetails with the aims of our skills and competency framework, SFIAplus and our wider Agile program."

Peter Measey Chief Executive Office, RADTAC, commented “RADTAC are pleased to be in partnership with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and to contribute our expertise, gained over the last 15 years, to this Agile certification program. Our training portfolio is one of the largest available for Agile and Lean transformations, and has been used by a majority of the FTSE 100 to support their Agile initiatives. This new certification is a key enabler, as businesses seek change.“


Radtac is a leading company in the world of Management Consultancy using a range of approaches to implement change including Agile transformation, change and training. Radtac specialise in working with clients to enable them to deliver better customer and client experience through IT using its RITA (Radtac IT Transformation Approach), at lower cost and with faster delivery of those business values that deliver fastest Return On Investment.

Additional information on Radtac our team and products can be found at Radtac Courses and Radtac Team or follow Radtac on Twitter at RadtacLtd

About BCS

For more information and to register interest in the program visit BCS

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