Radtac Confirmed Again as Approved Supplier for G-Cloud 7 for Agile Adoption

Radtac has been confirmed again as a supplier for the latest G-Cloud version. G-Cloud 7 went live on Monday 23rd November and is a Government initiative that aims to provide a single location for pre-approved suppliers for cloud-based IT services to use by public sector organisations, through the Digital Marketplace – an online marketplace for cloud IT services. The move is designed to drive the wider adoption of cloud computing in the public sector and deliver a more efficient, competitive and cost-effective way of buying IT services.

Radtac, once again, has been approved as a supplier for Agile and Lean Services. Radtac’s services can be found in the Digital Marketplace, as the company will continue to offer its expertise of delivering digital business transformation solutions.

In the latest version of the Digital Marketplace, Radtac’s services include:

- Agile & Lean Coaching, Consultancy & Mentoring
- Agile & Lean Digital Service Design and Delivery Team Coaching
- Agile & Lean Project, Programme Management & PMO Governance
- Agile & Lean Transformational Culture Change and Organisational Redesign.

In a public announcement, then Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude said: “{{G-Cloud brings a step change in the way government buys IT. It’s quicker, cheaper and more competitive, open to a wider range of companies}}, and offers more choice and innovation. Many government departments already use G-Cloud, but IT costs are still too high. One way we can reduce them is to accelerate the adoption of Cloud across the public sector to maximise its benefits. The Cloud First policy will embed the skills a modern civil service needs to meet the demands of 21st-century digital government and help us to get ahead in the global race.”

The G Cloud framework represents a list of pre-approved suppliers who offer cloud based and other types of digital services through an online portal. The Government’s aim for the portal is to make it easier for suppliers to sell their services via an agreed route, as well as make it easier and more effective for buyers to find the service which best suits them.

“We highly value our position as suppliers for the latest iteration of the G Cloud framework - G-Cloud 7. It empowers us to utilise our over 17 years expertise within public sector organisations, supporting them in their Digital and Agile transformations”, said Peter Measey, Radtac CEO.

More information about Radtac can be found on their website, and in the Digital Marketplace.


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