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BATH & NORWICH, UNITED KINGDOM, 17th February 2015: On a dark day in December 2013, Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary was the victim of a huge tidal surge that swept along the East Coast of the United Kingdom. Sea water rushed into Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, destroying habitats and stopping life support systems for more than 2,500 creatures. At the height of surge tides the sanctuary was left submerged under almost one metre of water.

The aquatic residents were saved by Sea Life staff and volunteers who worked through the following days sending livestock to temporary accommodation across England. Once empty the task of rebuilding started and the centre stayed closed for ten months as every display was stripped out and completely refurbished. This £3,000,000 project has culminated in a brand new Sea Life Sanctuary, which opened its doors on October 16th 2014. Sea Life is part of the growing Merlin entertainments group which has 100 attractions in 22 countries.

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