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For a gift with a difference buy coffee beans


We have all been in the position where we need to buy that relative or friend a birthday gift but, because they are so awkward to buy for, you simply can’t find the perfect item. Well it seems that one online company based in West Sussex has come up with a rather a novel solution that may just be the solution to those gift giving dilemmas. Simply buy coffee beans and introduce them to a world of wonderful artisan coffee.

Sound unusual? Well it isn’t, after all we are all used to buying friends a coffee, but this is a far more elegant and personal solution as it is a wonderful introduction to coffee that is a world away from the bog standard instants and same old bean selections that people normally choose. Coffee Compass, the Wick based company specialising in supplying these artisan coffees are in no doubt as to the benefits of their exciting range of beans.

‘Coffee is a wonderful drink but there is so much more to it than what many of us are used to. There is an incredible variety of superb tasting coffees out there yet we restrict ourselves to the same old flavours. At Coffee Compass, we aim to point people in the direction of truly wonderful flavours,’ explained a company spokesperson. ‘We find that the best way for people to experiment in new coffee is to receive it as a present. That way they feel that they should try it, and before you know it, they are hooked and looking out for new tastes.’

The company seem to be determined in the quest to spread the word about the rich and varied world of coffee beans available and have even set up a page on their excellent website dedicated to gift and trial packs, providing a ‘taster’ of new and exciting flavours. Jamaican Blue Mountain certainly sounds more exciting than a ‘cup of instant’!

‘Don’t be stuck for gift ideas, buy them a coffee,’ remarked the company spokesperson. ‘It could be the best coffee they have ever tasted, and they can explore the rest of the coffee world from our site. Great beans, great flavours and all delivered direct to your door.’

Whether you are choosing a gift trial pack for that awkward to but for friend or you want to buy coffee beans for yourself, visit to learn more.

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