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Bad Boy clothes pull no punches when it comes to looking good

Total Fightwear

The world of mixed martial arts has really taken off in the last few years and this summer will have seen even more people becoming interested into the sport than ever before, and as with any other new sport or discipline, it is important that you are kitted out just right. Bad Boy clothes are one of the ranges that can help you look and play the part and a new supplier is helping make this top range of products available online.

Berkshire based Total Fightwear could not have a more appropriate name, providing access to a wide range of the very best in MMA clothing and accessories. This is a very big market with thousands of people getting involved every week in the UK.

‘MMA is where it’s at when it comes to getting into shape, but you really need to be kitted out just right if you are going to be serious about getting stuck in,’ explained a representative from Total Fightwear. ‘That’s why we stock a comprehensive selection of the very best MMA gear from all the big brands, so if you are after something, we will have it. In fact, at Total Fightwear we have a saying; if we don’t stock it then you don’t need it!’

One of the big brands that the company is referring to is the Bad Boy range of gear. This is widely respected brand that covers a huge range of items, including compression shorts, shin guards, MMA gloves, sparring kits, focus pads, head guards, boxers tee shirts and much more. And of course, Total Fightwear stocks a number of other ranges too.

‘We cater for absolutely everyone here at Total Fightwear, whether you are a professional or you are just taking your first kicks and punches into the world of MMA,’ explained a company representative. ‘What’s more we make sure that if you ever need help and advice, we are always here to help you. We also know that people want their gear fast, so we get it shipped out fast. And if there are any problems, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.’

Total Fightwear certainly seems to be a company looking to offer a professional level of services and value to its customers who are interested in the ever more popular world of MMA. IF you want to learn more about the company and their range of Bad Boy clothes, visit

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